Wednesday, October 19, 2011

12 hour comics day

After miserably failing 24 hour comics day this year I decided that I need to crawl before I can walk. So it was a great opportunity that Naito-san, the owner of our favorite drawing spot offered up the place for a 12 hour comic event. Consider it like a half marathon, we were going to attempt to draw 12 pages in 12 hours. It would be a good dry run for all of us to get ready for next years 24 Hour Comic Day.

Three of us went down there with varying degrees of hope - Brian Reyes, David Mazzucchi and myself. 12 hours proved to be more of a challenge than I could have expected. By morning I found myself completely baffled at the motions of my pen, unable to comprehend where the lines were coming from. Of the three of us, David was the only person to complete all 12 pages in 12 hours. Brian finished 8 of his pages, albeit without lettering and I finished a paltry 6 - half way to the goal. In hind sight it is clear why I fell short and why David succeeded with time to spare. I think you will see as well. My comic was far too intricate, with too much detail and lots of text. Also, I had thought that using tones would save me time, but they actually slowed me down. At least I learned something, and next time I am ready to complete the challenge.

To clarify, the idea for all of our comics was to base it on a randomly generated quote. My quote was by Wolfgang Pauli about quantum theory, which was "That's not right. It isn't even wrong." So without further adieu, here are the first 6 pages of my 12 hour comic:

The last few pages which I didn't get to include talking about Nightcrawler's fart clouds being trapped in the event horizons of wormholes, and Wolverine never being able to achieve a state of drunkenness. I will probably complete them someday, maybe in another marathon...

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